Progress on game

Sadly, not much progress was made this week. I took a day off of work on Monday and spent 6 hours trying to get the food absorption mechanic to work, and only found ways it didn’t. The way it works now, on trigger enter, a 2d spring joint is programmatically added to the player and linked to the food. Then the player transform is assigned as the parent transform of the food, and the 2d joint is disabled. The food’s transform is moved into the player until it’s outer edge is 10% away from the player’s edge. I wish I could avoid using the joint, but when I do not use it what I can only describe as a sudden burst of force is created near the collision between the player and the food.

  1. Converted weight from tons to pounds.
  2. Restored eating functionality. I will revisit this solution later since it seems like a poor one.
  3. Began work on a food dispenser that uses object pooling.

Weekly progress

I’ve refined the prototype, reformatted my desktop PC so it performs like it should, moved my home office stuff around to make using the desktop easier, and moved my second widescreen monitor back to it so I can have tutorials up while putting them to use.

Improvements to the prototype:

1. Shift center of mass of equipment to player’s center to keep it from affecting rotation during movement. This will probably change since heavier weapons should rightly have their center of mass in the heavier area.
2. Replace hinge joints with fixed joints

3. Made a halberd, buzzsaw, and poop graphics. The halberd is in the scene.

4. Made a way to resize the player when it takes damage or eats, but it isn’t working correctly when eating.

5. Added a key that detaches equipment, but needs user feedback.

6. Added layers to separate collision between game objects.

Starting my first video game!

I am a WordPress developer at Texas A&M, with 9 years of experience designing and programming websites and a degree in studio art (focusing on graphic design) from Angelo State University. Last year I worked with two other people on a small game for Android named Army Hero VR. When we finished the project, I started to plan my own game – an adventure puzzle game with a scope and complexity that I was fairly confident I could accomplish on my own if needed. Within these restrictions, I developed an interesting story and the core mechanics, and then began work on the prototype. I am still refining it, and while the prototype will be in 2D I am making it in a way that will (hopefully) not be difficult to translate to 3D.

I do not want to reveal much of the story here, since that is best experienced in-game and may change at any time. I can say that it is an allegory for coping with disability, and – as far as I am able – I will program ways for people with special needs to be able to play it.

So yeah, not much to this post, and I may create some about the work I’ve already done, but hopefully other devs can learn from what I’m doing and vice versa!