Starting my first video game!

I am a WordPress developer at Texas A&M, with 9 years of experience designing and programming websites and a degree in studio art (focusing on graphic design) from Angelo State University. Last year I worked with two other people on a small game for Android named Army Hero VR. When we finished the project, I started to plan my own game – an adventure puzzle game with a scope and complexity that I was fairly confident I could accomplish on my own if needed. Within these restrictions, I developed an interesting story and the core mechanics, and then began work on the prototype. I am still refining it, and while the prototype will be in 2D I am making it in a way that will (hopefully) not be difficult to translate to 3D.

I do not want to reveal much of the story here, since that is best experienced in-game and may change at any time. I can say that it is an allegory for coping with disability, and – as far as I am able – I will program ways for people with special needs to be able to play it.

So yeah, not much to this post, and I may create some about the work I’ve already done, but hopefully other devs can learn from what I’m doing and vice versa!

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