Weekly progress

I’ve refined the prototype, reformatted my desktop PC so it performs like it should, moved my home office stuff around to make using the desktop easier, and moved my second widescreen monitor back to it so I can have tutorials up while putting them to use.

Improvements to the prototype:

1. Shift center of mass of equipment to player’s center to keep it from affecting rotation during movement. This will probably change since heavier weapons should rightly have their center of mass in the heavier area.
2. Replace hinge joints with fixed joints

3. Made a halberd, buzzsaw, and poop graphics. The halberd is in the scene.

4. Made a way to resize the player when it takes damage or eats, but it isn’t working correctly when eating.

5. Added a key that detaches equipment, but needs user feedback.

6. Added layers to separate collision between game objects.

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