Progress on game

Sadly, not much progress was made this week. I took a day off of work on Monday and spent 6 hours trying to get the food absorption mechanic to work, and only found ways it didn’t. The way it works now, on trigger enter, a 2d spring joint is programmatically added to the player and linked to the food. Then the player transform is assigned as the parent transform of the food, and the 2d joint is disabled. The food’s transform is moved into the player until it’s outer edge is 10% away from the player’s edge. I wish I could avoid using the joint, but when I do not use it what I can only describe as a sudden burst of force is created near the collision between the player and the food.

  1. Converted weight from tons to pounds.
  2. Restored eating functionality. I will revisit this solution later since it seems like a poor one.
  3. Began work on a food dispenser that uses object pooling.

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